Hi! Thanks for visiting me! I am a Winnipeg photographer (though I LOVE to travel so I have worked in many provinces and countries!). I am so lucky because I get to do what I love to do – take pictures! I have been doing photography all my life (swear, ask my mom! She will tell you stories of my childish escapades with the good old Polaroid!) but I started to do this for a living in 2005, about 18 years ago (what?!).

I don’t just specialize in wedding photography either – nope, I love it all. Babies? Check! Families? You bet! Boudoir? Absolutely! (though you will notice a lack of boudoir galleries, this is just because it’s such a personal thing so I like to keep those private!). So you see, you can’t go wrong with choosing me to shoot your special event! And if you are still in doubt after viewing my galleries, well, check out my prices!

Now I know what you are thinking – how come my prices are so low? That’s because I don’t think a photographer should cost as much as a car! Seriously, have you seen some of the prices out there? Ridiculous! I want you to have a quality photographer (if I do say so myself) and still have money left over. Sometimes a Corvette can come at the price of a Chevette 😉 But don’t tell my husband………he disagrees. Pffft. xxoo Laurie