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Winnipeg is the largest city and capital of the province of Manitoba. It’s the 7th largest city in Canada. With close to three quarters of a million inhabitants and a rich economy, Winnipeg has got plenty going for it. It’s even home to Winnie the Pooh.

You’re Too Busy

As the time gets closer to the big day, you’ll find yourselves getting busier and busier. Neither of you will have time to do the engagement photographs yourself. So, scheduling an appointment with a professional is a whole lot easier. Early on in the engagement is the perfect time for a professional shoot. You will just get too darn busy as you get closer to the big day.

Unique Photos

This is your chance to get some really unique photos. Your friends have probably already seen every conceivable pose of you two on Facebook already. But, your imaginations are limited. Your skillset is also limited. A professional photographer can really shake things up and make your photos look extremely professional, too. Well, that’s a given! In any case, these will probably some of your most-liked photos on Facebook for a long time to come.

Useful Photos

You can use these professional photos for a variety of things: Save-the-Date cards, Christmas cards, LinkedIn pictures if you run a joint business, wedding programs, guest books, or prints for your home. Each one of you can have photos of you two together framed and in your office at work. It just makes a lot more sense to hire a professional Winnipeg engagement photographer.

Practice for Your Wedding Day

This is great practice for the big day. If you’ve got the same engagement photographer as a wedding photographer, then he’ll get to know you two and what you like. What a great chance to get acquainted, no?

We’re the Most Highly-Rated Engagement Photography Studio in Winnipeg

We have been operating our photography business, Madix Photography, here for many years. We’re widely known as one of the best Winnipeg engagement photographers in the city.

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Give us a call today at (204) 799-7117 or email contact@madixphotography.com to set up an appointment. Your engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want only the very best to photograph it for you. Just check out our portfolio online. You’ll see why everyone is raving about us!