What is it with the ancients and their evil spirits? So many wedding traditions that we still do today revolve around ancient superstitions. But one of my favourite existing traditions is the veil. When I got married, my mother told me I should get a veil and being the know it all I was (and still am) I said I didn’t want one, and to this day, it is my biggest regret. Now that I’m a photographer, the veil is the most “bridal” of all bridal wear. It’s when the veil goes on that the tears start flowing.

However, the veil kind of has a sketchy history. Originally the veil was worn to…you guessed it…protect the bride from evil spirits. In Ancient Greece and Rome, veils were worn to confuse the devil. But, in some cultures, the veil had another purpose – to trick an unsuspecting groom into marrying a bride that he may not find so pleasing to the eye.

But today the veil is simply a symbol of what makes a bride a “bride”, and when it’s passed down from generation to generation its meaning is more about love and less about trickery!