Every couple is different, and not everyone wants a big and elaborate wedding. Some couples prefer to get eloped or want an intimate wedding and whether this is something you’ve always wanted or something you’re doing because of the pandemic, know that these types of weddings are beautiful, memorable and charming.

The first step is to decide whether you want an elopement or an intimate wedding. An elopement generally takes two to four hours, during which short vows are shared, and the focus is the couple and nothing else. If you decide to elope, it’s important to select the perfect location because your photos will consist of you and the backdrop.

The photographer will take pictures of the couple and the scenery behind them, so take your time when choosing your location. An intimate wedding is similar to a traditional wedding but with a much smaller guest list. Only immediate family and friends are invited to share this magical day with the couple, and guests are there to surround you and celebrate your love. Intimate weddings normally have a guest list of up to 30 people so that the ceremony remains small. In most cases, only a handful of people will be present, and the photographer will focus on the couple and their guests and will capture all of the important moments of that day. They will capture the closeness and intimacy of the setting and will produce beautiful pictures from your wedding day.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important that you select the type of wedding that you want because it’s your special day. You need to make your vision a reality, and if you prefer an elopement or an intimate wedding, this is the route you should take. Ultimately, it’s what you want that matters, so decide on the style of wedding you want as a couple and proceed from there. Brainstorm, consider your vibe and look around you for inspiration.

There are many reasons why couples choose intimate weddings, including budget and intimacy, and if you decide to have this type of wedding, you need to be confident with your decision so that you are happy with the memory. Determine your motivation and plan accordingly so that the day is special and memorable. The same is true of an elopement, so make sure you are conformable with your decision before you start the planning process.

These types of weddings do require planning, so you will have to find a venue, arrange for flowers and décor, and consider music and catering and transportation. Even though it’s a smaller wedding, you still have to take care of these details, so you have to decide on your style of the wedding early on.

Photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, so hiring a professional photographer is a must. Madix Photography can help in this regard, so if you want beautiful memories from your special day and are in the Winnipeg area, contact us today!