A wedding is one of the biggest days for a couple, and as a wedding photographer, it’s your responsibility to capture all the memorable moments. We may have spent countless hours training and perfecting our craft, but trust me, photographing a wedding is unlike any other photoshoot. So, if you’re a budding wedding photographer, here are my top six tips to help you prepare for your first gig!

Be Calm Under Pressure

The day of the wedding can be hectic and overwhelming. There’s very little room for error, and you really only have one chance to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments. Building your confidence and staying calm under pressure comes with practice, staying organized and preparing well ahead of time.

Compile A Detailed Shot List

To make sure the couple gets all the shots that they’d like captured, it’s a good idea to ask them to compile a list before the big day. Of course, you can also add to the list if you see anything missing. This way, you can check each shot off and make sure you have everything you need.

Scout The Location

Visiting the wedding location is a key part of the preparation process. I find seeing the venue in real life very helpful as it allows me to visualize positions for shots, study how the lighting might come into play, and understand the venue’s overall vibe.

Know Your Gear

The wedding day is not a time for experimentation. Make sure you know your gear and accessories inside and out so you can focus on getting the perfect shot. Remember to check that all your gadgets are working properly, and bring backup equipment like batteries and memory cards before heading out as well.

Become Experts Of Different Styles Of Photography

As a wedding photographer, you have to be confident in many different photography styles as there is so much to be captured in one day. This includes:

  • Portraits– this is almost a given; you’ll be taking pictures of the couple, their parents, guests, etc.
  • Interior– after spending countless hours making their wedding venue unique and beautiful, your clients will want you to capture the space in a flattering way.
  • Products– there is no shortage of “things” to take photos of at a wedding. Dresses, invites, rings, suits, shoes, flowers…the list goes on.
  • Lifestyle– it’s the in-between and unposed moments that are the most precious. Your clients will appreciate the organic shots that show genuine, raw emotions.

File backups

I cannot emphasize this enough. Remember to back up your photos! And a backup to your backup. This may be the less glamorous side of wedding photography, but file management is crucial if you want to avoid losing your photos.

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