Getting married may just be the most exciting time of your life, but it can also quickly become stressful. That’s why most people opt for a professional wedding planner to handle all the nitty-gritty details. But did you know wedding photographers may also have some incredible insights? Just like your planner, they work closely with you and your guests behind the scenes to make your big day as memorable as possible.

Here are some great tips from our wedding photographer at Madix Photography to make your wedding picture perfect!

Confirm Your Date And Venue First

This step may already be at the top of your list, but it’s the most important decision! Your date and venue will affect the rest of your wedding decisions, and you’ll want to set a date and venue early. Some venues are super popular and need to be booked years in advance!

Having a location and date already picked out will make the rest of the planning much more straightforward. Your wedding photographer will also appreciate it as they’ll be able to start brainstorming ideas for your big day right away based on the season and location.

Think About Your Wedding Style

Deciding on your preferred wedding theme kind of goes hand in hand with picking a venue and date. If you know you want a bohemian and ethereal wedding, you might choose a forest venue in the spring. If a romantic theme is more your style, then you might opt for a vineyard wedding. Your wedding style can be unique to you, and it will help your wedding photographer plan how they’re going to capture your special day. Once you’ve figured your wedding style out, everything else will fall into place!

Meet Your Photographer

We always recommend meeting your potential photographer in person before working together.

Take a look at their past work, meet with them and see if you vibe with them. Although your wedding photographer will be adjusting the pictures as you wish, their personality will inevitably show through their photo styles. Besides, you will be spending a lot of time together before and during your wedding day, so why not hang out with someone you are comfortable with?

Engagement Photos

We think that engagement photos are an absolute must. They will have the same style as your wedding photos and are great for wedding invitations. They are also a great way to bond with your wedding photographer and help them get your preferences down before the wedding.

Take A Deep Breath

Inhale. Exhale. Remember, a wedding is about celebrating you and your partner! Take the time to soak everything in and try not to put life on hold in the meantime. Don’t worry if something isn’t perfect or the weather isn’t ideal on your wedding day; the most important thing is enjoying it all with your new spouse!

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